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Not a lot to say about the first episode, other than … hi! I’m Chance, a junior web developer and extra junior podcaster. I truly don’t know what I’m doing here.

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That start-up life

In this episode I sit down with my friend Paul Hickey, CEO of Data Driven Design, to talk about what it’s like working in a start-up — the challenges developers face vs. working for a large company, and the opportunities that present themselves when you help build something from the ground up.

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Web accessibility simplified

Today we’re talking about how to get better at thinking about accessibility, and some of the quick and easy ways you can make your websites more accessible for more people without spending a jillion extra hours of work.

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Ben’s path as a developer entrepreneur

In my second episode I chat with the President of Nashville agency SnapShot Interactive, Mr. Ben Rigsby. Ben is my boss and has grown a two-man startup into a full-service team of 45 with offices in two cities (and a third coming in the next year!). Ben talks about his passion, what led him as an artist and developer to start his own business, and the variety of paths available to developers with an entrepreneurial itch.

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