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Talkin bout coding bootcamps with developer/student Laura Pinell

0:30 My guest today: web developer and ACTIVE CODING BOOTCAMP student, Laura Pinell. Talkin bout bootcamps and what you need to know if you’re thinking about starting down that path. Peep all of Laura's work at her GitHub and Instagram.

2:00 What I’m working on currently — still plugging away at the same project at work, but I JUST launched my podcast site — — and am working on enhancing it and making changes to it as we speak. Just started building out a React frontend for it. Project will be in my Github for those who want to follow along.

3:35 #prettycool

3:40 Laura talks about what software bootcamp is like (and why her brain is fried)

4:45 Why bootcamp when you were already working as a web dev?

8:32 What personality types are well-suited for bootcamps, and why some people might NOT be the right fit. The key is passion and drive.

11:30 The most important thing Laura has learned so far at bootcamp — people skills. Coding is great, but you gotta work with the people. 

14:45 How Laura uses UX personas to target potential employers

16:30 How working another job before coding can actually help you be a better employee as a coder.

17:00 Remote work — sorry homies, you still have to work with people and hone those people skills.

18:40 Laura’s advice for people considering bootcamp? Understand that this is a BOOT CAMP. It’s fast, it’s hardcore, get ready and don’t complain about it. Dedicate yourself wholly for a few months and you’ll succeed.

21:20 This week I learned some cool command line stuff from Ahmad Awais, a Pakistan-based developer and AMAZING open-source software contributor. If you don’t follow him, DO IT NOW. Get all of his social links and peep his blog on his website

23:00 This week Ahmad taught me how to write a few basic helpful bash scripts to make my command life a little bit easier. Check out his posts on LinkedIn here, here and here. And check out my script to quickly CD into working WP theme directory here.

25:30 Next episode will be a mini-episode including a recorded talk I gave at a recent event on accessibility in web design. CAN’T WAIT.

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