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Student becomes the teacher: Phil and Tristan

In this episode I talk to Phil Bennet, a 15-year veteran web dev, and Tristan Gordon, Phil's one-time understudy, who ended up teaching Phil how to build apps in Angular. 

1:00 What I’m working on currently — a YUGE website for a healthcare company at work. A website for this podcast at home (coming very soon!). A few throw-away React apps to test my chops.

3:12 #prettycool

3:25 CSS Grid. Like it. Learn it. Love it. CSSv4 will be here soon. A Complete Guide to Grid | CSS-Tricks

4:10 Introducing my guests — Tristan Gordon and Phil Bennet, Angular developers at BCI Nashville

6:40 Phil’s path to web dev’vin (spoiler alert, he played MMORG games and coded emails)’

8:40 Tristan’s path (Hack 7 started it all)

11:40 Tristan takes off the training wheels and goes hard into Angular

13:16 Student becomes teacher - Phil talks about what it’s like to have Tristan teach him new tricks deep into his career.

15:40 New tech? Nah dawg. Angular deep. 

20:10 What do you guys think about the growth of our industry? 

21:00 Unpaid ad for Twin Kegs, the best worst bar in Nashville, the source of Tristan’s inspiration.

23:20 Hi grandma!

23:22 Resources for new devs

25:30 What does it take to go to the next level? Tristan and Phil agree — time and hard work. One day at a time.

26:30 Phil says: know how to Google. 

27:25 The importance of having a mentor.

29:55 Closing thoughts, banter, Snarky Puppy, and Darkest Hour (not the movie)

31:30 PRETTY COOL STUFF: This week I try to learn the how and why of asynchronous JavaScript. Promises are pretty cool and really help in understanding the core concept. Learn how and why you use them if you haven’t already. Promise - JavaScript | MDN

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PHOTO CREDIT: The sexy silhouette of Phil that was used for approximately one-half of this episode's thumbnail before being heavily manipulated in Photoshop was taken skillfully and offered generously by the amazing, incredible, the one and only, Frank "wangsack from hamhole" Otero.