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How creativity and programming drive Steve's passion for music.

0:30 - 3:30: What I’m working on currently — Digging into Laravel on Laracasts - definitely recommend those tutorials. Also…working on renovating my fixer-upper house. 🙃

3:35: Introducing Stephen Smith: Canadian web dev / general programmer extraordinaire and nerd-rock enthusiast.

4:55: Programming as a tool for your passion vs. programming as a passion.

6:25: Steve’s start as a middle-school text-based video game programmer.

8:15: Hello, world.

9:15: Programming as a fallback. Music is the main 

10:25: How programming fed Steve’s main passion for music. And how he coded his own nerd-rock “band”, Regdar and the Fighters, a hacked Dance-Dance Revolution pad powered by Sonic Pi.

Watch a video of Steve and Regdar in action here.

13:00: How Steve stays on top of new trends and tech after 15+ years on the job. Spoiler: 🔥 pay less attention to the specific codebase/tools you learn and more to the theory and problem-solving skills.

17:05: Top three skills I decided to learn to get my foundations in order as a webdev: Bash, SQL and JavaScript.

17:30: Steve’s learning through side-projects related to music rather than just tutorials.

20:55: Steve’s take on his traditional education as a programmer.

23:20: How to learn foundations of CS theory when you don’t have a traditional education. Steve suggests reading the right textbooks (Learn Python the Hard Way) and learn to automate your own job.

27:00: Steve’s career plans for the next several years.

29:45: WHAT I’VE LEARNED THIS WEEK 💡 The basics of using Vim, the best-worst text editor you’ll ever be forced to use more than you’d like! Here is a decent YouTube tutorial.

List by @cassido of the the most important skills she’s learned to advanced her career here.

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