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Building a strong local dev community with Domitrius Clark

In this episode, I speak with Domitrius Clark about his experience supporting online communities in gaming to building a successful local community of web developers in his home town of Philadelphia. We discuss the benefits of having a strong local community, how to deal with the challenges and logistics of running meetups, and much more.


  • Domitrius’ career 
  • The importance of boot camps.
  • Why Domitrius started his own business.
  • The successes of dev communities.
  • Being cooperative and a good listener.
  • Responding to hate
  • One thing Domitrius has learned this week


“I took one of the three month immersive bootcamps. I came out of that and started moving onto actually creating a startup.”

"Not everyone has the luxury to feel safe or confident that [interactions at our meetup] might go well. Facilitating a place where they do feel safe at all moments, when people tell me how comfortable our environment is, how they feel like it's a safe space for them ... those are the interactions that stick with me."

“When you are a meetup organizer or any type of community organizer and you find yourself dealing with some type of hate, you have to just address it immediately…”


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