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If you can't see through to the other side of a challenge, it's time to ask yourself tougher questions.

What is it that motivates a person to get up day in and day out, to put in the time and energy it takes to create a life worth living? All of us are unique in many ways. Some would answer the question by pointing to their family. Others might wake up in the morning motivated by a sense of civic duty. Many of us think of this question through the lens of our careers. Yet what all of these distinctions have in common, if we are to succeed in our journeys, is a vision.

Much ink has been spilled reiterating the importance of having a vision when you are running a business. Key among the reasons is that, as business is hard, you need something clear to focus on as you navigate tricky waters. I would argue the same importance should be formulating a vision around all aspects of our lives. Life itself can be challenging, and if not for the vision of an easier life for one’s child, what is it that guides a determined parent to take on extra work just to put away a little money for college? What pushes a physician through grueling education and training, followed by years of relentless night shifts, but for a vision that fewer people should suffer the pain of disease?

We all need some sort of vision to guide us through the tougher moments, and we need a vision to remind ourselves why it’s ok to feel proud when we reach milestones and hit big achievements. Whatever your vision, reach for it boldly each day and never lose it from your sight.