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Living history

A global pandemic is upon us. The local effects are real, but broader perspective can help us navigate.

A lot has happened in the past year. Through some strange defiance of natural law, even more has happened in the past six weeks.

If you are alive around the time of writing, an explanation of this truth is hardly necessary. If not, check your nearest history textbook for context. 2020 should have a chapter or two.

In my last post, I reflected on the one-year anniversary of my freelance career and what I had learned in that time. I had been relatively successful in that year and had no intentions of quitting. At React Rally in 2019, I had a casual conversation with Michael Jackson (co-creator of React Router and React Training) that led to a unique opportunity to join their team to work on the Reach UI component library. I was a big fan of this project already, so I jumped at his proposal and joined their small venture shortly thereafter.

I had never learned so much so quickly as I had working with Michael and Ryan, and I'm still tremendously grateful to have played a small part in their business. But as 2020 did its thing, our team became one of its early casualties. They had to let the team go, and I was faced with a decision at a somewhat difficult time to process next steps.

Less than one week later, I'd find out that an aunt, uncle, my dad and his wife had all tested positive for the virus. My dad's wife has stage-three cancer and requires a great deal of medical care. This pandemic is now local, and I'm on the opposite side of the country with no way to offer support.

How do you look forward in a time like this when you , yet somehow I was supposed to think about my career. The economic ripple effects have been no slower to spread than the disease, so timing would likely not be in my favor. Thankfully everyone in my family who became sick has since recovered. But there were agonizingly long days in between when they still hadn't.

Now that I'm on the other side of my immediate concerns regarding family, I've had to do what the rest of the world has been doing. I've had to adapt and continue to live. There's not an easy path forward, there is simply the only path and it is, indeed, forward. It's time for the next chapter to begin.

Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on.

Nick Fury, The Avengers (quote inspired by Cassidy Williams)